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Friday, August 1stThe Lilypad, Cambridge

W/ The Lousy Instruments

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Bio[ about the band Of Three People ]

We're a Somerville MA based band that lives by one idea: people come out for live music to have a good time. We play simple, energetic punk rock that is full of pop, sing-alongs, drinking songs, songs about life, songs about death and a song about a dude pissing on the couch (yeah, you). Come to a show and you'll have a good time, we promise.

And for each and every cd that we press, a dollar is donated to Creative Union Gallery, an art space for mentally-challenged adults that we turn to for our album artwork inspiration and to have the album covers individually colored for us.

Reviews, Press, etc.[ Words people say about OTP ]

"The trio's rowdy set brought the seething crowd to a bubbling boil with their high-energy country-tinged punk tunes." Will Barry - FreeMassMedia.com

"OTP is a true Boston band. Between all the drinking songs, the folk-punk ballads, and lyrics that shine brightly on working-class heroes, they have a good thing going with a tight group of fans." Perry Eaton - Allston Pudding

"Rip-roaring, poppy folk-punk" Richard Bouchard - Boston Band Crush

"OTP's flavor of folk-punk is reminscent of a bad ass version of Billy Bragg (more "A New England" Billy Bragg than Mr. Sexuality)." Nick Murphy - Boston Band Crush

"...the booty shaking started with OTP(!). This trio is so fun with their folk punk style." Sarah Sparks - MassBytes

Album and Song Reviews

CD release review - Full Mouthful 2012Will Barry - FreeeMassMedia.com

CD release review - Where We're Found 2011Andrew Jeromski - The Deli

"Speak In Tongues" from the album "Where/We're/Found"

"Know I Am Not A Vampire" from the album "The Folly Of Time Travel"

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